Tango Inform

Tango Inform is a collection of exercises created by Carrie Field to prepare the body specifically for Tango. It is designed as a practice to improve the Tango dancer’s ease, grace and physical confidence.  As a professional Modern Dancer Carrie experienced the power of conditioning her body every day for her dance. Conditioning the body for dance includes increasing mobility and strength and practicing movement concepts required in the dance form. Tango Inform is one approach to conditioning the body for Tango.

Carrie has been teaching Pilates since 1992, Gyrotonics since 1995 and Yoga since 2000. She holds certifications in all three practices, has a B.A. in dance and had a previous career as a modern dancer. Carrie received her Masters in Occupational Therapy from the University of New Mexico and currently practices pediatric occupational therapy in the school setting. She taught Tango in Taos, New Mexico with Mike Malixi starting 2009. The foundation of Tango Inform is based on investigations and feedback from Taos Tango students who participated in class labs. Considering other dancers feedback and her own experience, Carrie cultivated the material for Tango Inform.

Tango inform has been a featured class at Tango Contradiction, Denver Tango Festival, San Diego Tango Festival, Tucson Tango Festival and Albuquerque Tango Festival.


The individual exercises of Tango Inform vary in their origins. Some of the exercises are from Pilates, Yoga or Bartenieff Fundimentals, while others are original to Tango Inform. The exercises use 4 concepts: Strength, Stretch, Release and Movement Patterning. The strengthening exercises of Tango Inform address specific muscle groups and explain their function used while dancing tango, which can greatly improve technique, balance and agility. The stretching exercises of Tango Inform free up specific joints and muscles for desired ease of movement in tango and improved posture. Releasing exercises of Tango Inform increase range of motion in the free leg hip, in the spine for ease of torsion and the neck and shoulders for an irresistible embrace. Movement patterning exercises offer the body access to understanding concepts through sensations which assist with grace and confidence in the Tango dancer’s body.


Carrie Field and Mike Malixi performing at Boulder Tango Festival.

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